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To obtain an optimal result of anodizing treatment , are fundamental type and quality of the material to be treated.

This aspect is often overlooked in small batches, but creates problems of various kinds, such as:
  • No color consistency
  • Obvious signs of rolling
  • Micropitting by bad storage
  • Dents from handling
  • Residues of adhesive protective film

These problems, in most cases, make the semi-finished non-recoverable and thus becomes a production waste, entailing significant additional costs.
Anodizing NECE, to give a greater service to customers, reducing time and costs of production, offers the possibility of directly providing sheets of standard metal alloy 5005 - anodizing guaranteed, stored and protected properly.

Sizes, always in stock, are:
- 1500 x 4000 x 12/10 mm
- 1500 x 3500 x 12/10 mm
- 1500 x 3000 x 30/10 mm
- Other sizes and thicknesses:
can be supplied in a few days, on request.
Thanks to this service, the order can go straight to Anodizing, with all the Colors offered by NECE.
Anodization can be carried out in a standard manner only on the primary side, or, on request, on both sides.
The anodic treatment can also be done on press-formed, pre-drilled or with custom texture sheets (maximum sizes).
On sheets with thickness greater than 20/10 mm, can be welded M6 threaded pins, usable for fixing or installation.



After treatment, sheets can be cut to size, eliminating hooks signs.
At process end, each sheet is carefully packed with PVC Protective Film, which can be:

- Transparent 40 μm, guaranteed duration three months - Internal storage
- Double Layer white / black 80 μm, guaranteed duration six months - even with UV rays exposure
- Laserable

In case of more metal sheets orders, or on demand, the packaging is carried out on pallets or wooden cases.

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