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The new trend in the Buiding Design is to match classic (revisited) materials with innovative and functional ones.
Visible brick walls, that have been used for thousands of years in the building sector, are now pre-baked with special mixtures, in order to get different colours.
The acid-etched glass sheets  have been used in the past few years as terrace bulwarks, for their brightness and nice design, while anodized aluminum panels are a “new entry” among Residential Buildings.
The visible bricks, the acid-etched glass and the Aluminum panels together appear like a chromatic jigsaw.
The Aluminum used is the alloy 5005, certified and guaranteed for the anodization treatment, and the panel is cut, pierced and bent. Its average size is 1,5 x 0,6 m, thickness: 3m (weather proof).
The chemical opaque finish is followed by the 15mm Anodization treatment, and finally the interference electrocoloring. The colours requested are usually two or three (in green, ight-blue and grey tones), personalized according to the landscape.
The panels are pierces in different diameters in order to create a weave effect that makes each panel unique.  Panels for terrace coating are bent by 120°; as protection from atmospheric agents.
The anodized panels have shown to be long-lasting and unalterable in time and therefore they do not request any maintenance.

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