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In the heart of Edimburgh is located Quartermile, a cosmopolitan mix resultanting from the conversion of old buildings and the construction of new structures of luxury: apartments, caffetterie and shops in a privileged position in the center city, Quartermile is the new and more exciting residential address of the Scottish capital.
The external covering of buildings has been realized with aluminum extruded rods of 6063 alloy of 7.5 m.
The bars had a dozen different geometries, each of which required a different setting of the galvanic bath.
Have been realized three different personalized tonalities of grey, through the process of Electrocolouring Interefernce, with chemical pre-treatment.
The Anodizing has been certified by NECE in accordance with English Law that required the 25 μm class.
Besides the thickness checking of the oxide layer, it was necessary to verify the resistance through the so-called Clark Test and the colouration by Spectrophotometer.
The processed product, which had to arrive directly on yard, had to be perfect under the aesthetic aspect, therefore the bars have been protected by the application of a double layer PVC film, UV-resistant.

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