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Anodizing NECE is QUALANOD and has the LICENCE EURAS-EWAA QUALANOD NR.728 , issued the 28/09/1993, on the basis of the normative UNI 10681 September 1998.
Our firm, is therefore equipped with a QUALITY SYSTEM for what concerns the organizing structure, the responsibility, the procedure, and the resources used with the object of reaching the best qualitative standard required by the Normatives ISO 2360-6717 and ISO 9833-9834 for the Fixing Process.
NECE spa, according with its qualitative philosophies, guarantees quality, professional product, and offers to his guests every single information necessary for the routine quality control of the products and the cycles; this is proved by the fact that inside our productive plant, there are chemical and technical facilities which provide to control the finished product, in order to guarantee the best quality.

   NE.CE. S.p.A. Via Marco Polo, 2 - 35010 Borgoricco (PD) Italy
   tel +39 049 9336435 - fax +39 049 9336434

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