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The same care that NECE has in the anodizing treatment it has in the packaging phase too, either of bars or finished parts .

The packaging can be in standard version NECE, neutral, custom, in alternative it can be furnished by the client.
In the case of aluminum bars the standard packaging provides an automatic bandage of profiles with a micro-perforated nylon with logo NECE, creating the item with cardboard corners at the base, tables and rafters with PVC strap with maximum size of 700 mm base x 650 mm height and 8,000 mm length.
The neutral packaging uses nologo nylon with bandage or nylon sheet, while the customized version is designed together with the customer . Another option is the provision by the customer of metal baskets or pallets / wooden cases for the location of the profiles .

If the product does not provide a local transfer, it will be used a "long distance packaging" that has additional nylon  interposed between the individual profiles, a further nylon bandage of the entire item and, if required, an external covering of multilayer cardboard.
When the packaging is complete a label showing the number of pieces , the gross and net weight, in addition to the number of possible raw discarded or nonconforming pieces.


The packaging is normally neutral type and reuses the ladders, pallets , metal baskets with which the customer has sent the material to be processed , and the modalities are agreed with the customer .

Can be provided on request personalized packaging.

Nel caso di prelievo da parte di corrieri espressi deve essere indicato in fase d’ordine, per preservare al meglio il prodotto.
In case of collecting by express courier must be indicated during the order, to preserve at best the product .

Both on bars and on laminates the Protective Film can be applied.

Detail of Profiles Pack with strap

Pallet packing
Profiles Pack

Profiles Pack

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