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Aluminum is an excellent material for outdoor furniture, because its features are hardly founded in other materials.

As a matter of fact, it is extremely light (and therefore easy to handle), strong, unlimited-lasting (which means no maintenance is requested); and last but not least its aesthetic features enhance the products design.

During summer time Anodizzazione NECE receives important requests for the oxidation of parasols with built-in lighting systems, gazebos,awnings,mosquitos nets and banners.
The parasols anodized by NECE are used by shops, bars, restaurants and offices both to improve people’s comfort and as a design object. The high-tech LED lighting system creates special light effects.
Gazebos and awnings
Aluminum is light and strong at the same time. It is possible to create structures that are extremely resistant to weather conditions and equipped with an opening and closing automatic system.  For these aluminum structures the Scotch Brite steel electrocolouring finish is highly requested, with the purpose to have a very light but stainless steel looking product
Mosquitos nets
The residential demand for this product is increasing, as it is considered a must for the summer comfort. Mosquitos nets can be built-in the windows or be supplied on their own. The structure is 100% in aluminum. The most popular anodization finish are: the timeless silver finish, the bronze and the brown colour, as they all match perfectly with the wooden windows.
Prestigious companies demand anodized aluminum lighted banners to associate their brands to refined and long-lasting materials. The demand for the crossed brushing effect started precisely from aluminum banners with the aim to give them prestige.
VIABIZZUNO Parasols with 1B ARS  Silver Brushing Anodization

KE solar protection with Electrocolouring

KE solar protection with 1B ARC FR Silver Anodizaton

KE solar protection with 1B ARC FR Silver Anodization

SUNCOVER indoor curtains with 1B ARC Silver Anodization

SUNCOVER curtains with 1B ARC Silver Anodization

SUNCOVER curtains with 1B ARC Silver Anodization

SUNCOVER outdoor anodized curtains

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