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The Micro-shot-peening of Aluminium, commonly called "sandblasting", is a finish required by different sectors, ranging from industrial, architectural, design and transport.
Among the products manufactured by NECE mainly include the shells of electric motors, the measuring optics, the automatic vending machines for food, the windows, the lighting, the furnishing elements and the boiserie, the exhibitors, the car wheels, the interior elements for High Speed Trains
This finish is in great demand as it allows to obtain a double advantage, both functional and aesthetic.
In fact it goes to mask the extrusion defects of Aluminium such as bands, rifling and flames, reducing production scraps.
Visually the result, which the designers really like, is homogeneous, dotted, opaque / mat and "velvety".
NECE, for about fifteen years, provides this finish that is now much more precise, with a superior aesthetic result and that on particular products can be made in order to obtain an aluminium surface that allows easier cleaning.

Car Rim detail | Micro-shot-peened Black
Display | Micro-shot-peened Natural
Exhibitors | Micro-shot-peened Silver
Sample | Micro-shot-peened Silver
Exhibitors | Micro-shot-peened Silver
Table | Micro-shot-peened Silver
Redeveloped building with aluminum panels | Micro-shot-peened Silver
Aluminium boiserie | Micro-shot-peened Brown
Aluminum panel detail | Micro-shot-peened Silver

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