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This electro-colouring was more and more appreciated over time by different sectors and for different applications.
For example in the field of Interior Design is used in kitchens for both the doors than in finishing profiles, in particular the coloration Brushed Steel (ACCIAIO-ACCIAIO, ACCIAIO-SCOTCH).
In wood-aluminium windows and doors is successfully used the coloration ACCIAIO-ACCIAIO because it has a Antiscratch Treatment adding an important functional element to the aesthetic quality.
Within structures of curtain walls the most renowned architecture studies require the bright steel effect (2A LP and ACCIAIO-OPTIC) to transmit an image of strength and quality of the building, but using a very light and high-performance material such as aluminium .
Increasingly, in recent years, indoor and outdoor lighting has become an important enhancement of environments, and in their choices the light designers choose almost exclusively anodized aluminium products, and among colorations it's requested the finishing ACCIAIO-OPACO o MICRO SHOT PEENING.
For the steel finishing, the firsts preparation steps and the final fixing phase are the same as the ones of any other process, while the coloration is made through the electro coloration process with a tonality which simulates the stainless steel
To give more prominence to the oxidized surface, you can choose the anti-scratch treatment, which remove the opacity, and make the aluminium very similar to the stainless steel.
Types of finishings:
  • ACCIAIO-ACCIAIO FINISHING (mechanical brushing through metal brushes)
  • ACCIAIO-SCOTCH FINISHING (dry brushing through special scotch brite brushes)
  • ACCIAIO-CHIMICO FINISHING (realized through the sodation system with satinized effect)
  • ACCIAIO-SABBIATO (made with steel micro-shot peening)
  • 2A LP (uniform glossy effect)
  • ACCIAIO-OPTIC (glossy effect SISAL)
  • ACCIAIO-SD (linear brushing in relief)
  • ACCIAIO-SI (cross brushing)
  • ACCIAIO-NV (cloudy effect)

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