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Both Linear (SD) and Cross (SI) Brushing are in the market for some years and now can be considered a "mature" finish. Anodizing NECE was among the first manufacturers to offer this finish and to make it known to all sectors with their fan of samples.
The Architecture and the Furniture have received with great favor these finishes, which were exported all over the world.

The steady growth of the request of the SD and SI did decide NECE to expand the area of production facilities and invest in new highly automated line dedicated to Brushing.

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Made in Italy
products, in order to differentiate themselves from those of emerging countries, target the medium-high market range, that implies a constant search for new materials, new techniques and new designs.
Anodizzazione NECE has, among its customers, leading brands, and is constantly searching for innovative finishes.
The latest news by NECE, applicable to all sectors that use aluminum, is the Cross-brushed and Linear Satin finish, which offers high aesthetic results whilst being competitive in terms of pricing.
The effect that is obtained through this special brushing, is a continuous chromatic variation of the aluminum surface. If using some color, the finish takes on the appearance of a fabric texture, if using others, it recalls wood fiber.
In addition to being aesthetically pleasant, the Cross-brushed and Linear satin finishes also improve the quality of the aluminum surface, because they totally eliminate its flaws.

The new finishes are offered in a deeply engraved satin finish, but depending on the quantity, the customer can also request a customized finish; in all the colors offered by NECE.
The new SI finishing – Cross-brushed Satin finish- realized by NECE’s R&D, is suitable for bars up to 7,500 mm.
Following to NECE’s experience on flat aluminum sheets, and its success in the market, the company has invested in the R&D of a new machinery in order to obtain this satin finish also on extruded profiles.
Production has already begun in the sector of interior design, furniture drawers, technical profiles for floors and walls, as well as outdoor windows and doors.

  • 6B SI
  • 3B SI
  • 1B SI
  • 5A SI
  • 4A SI
  • 3A SI
  • C325 SI
  • C325 SD
  • 3A SD
  • 4A SD
  • 5A SD
  • 1B SD
  • 3B SD
  • 6B SD
Anodizing NECE recommend:
  • the Cross Brushing for the laminates
  • the Linear Brushing in bar


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