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In Italy the most widely used system to protect house doors and windows is the shutter, traditionally made of wood, and now proposed in other materials such as aluminum.
Anodized aluminum shutters guarantee exceptional steadiness and strength, high waterproofing and sealing levels, but most importantly they request no maintenance as they are inalterable over time.
While painted aluminum shutters are damaged by UV rays, fading over time, anodized shutters maintain their aesthetic appearance unchanged.
The aluminum shutters are most frequently requested in the dark brown electrocoloring and green interference electrocoloring finish.

Aluminum shutters also have water and air proof sealing gaskets, that create a stronger barrier than their wooden alternatives.
There are also aluminum "thermal break" shutters (with a polyamide lath that thermally separates the inner and outer side of the shutter) that have considerably higher thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

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