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The celebrations for the first 50 years of NECE have largely exceeded even the highest expectations, with the participation of over 800 people, who did not want to miss this memorable event.
The opening, in the presence of the Mayor and the Parish Priest of Borgoricco, began at 11am on Saturday 25 May 2019, followed by Guided plant tours, so appreciated that they lasted until 5pm, going considerably beyond the planned program.
At around 1 pm there were the official speeches of the managers Giuseppe Fasolato (General Manager) and Marco Fasolato (Technical Director) who thanked the institutions, the banks, the suppliers and partners, the employees, the architectural studios and in particular the company founders.
Than were presented the main markets in which NECE operates, with ever-increasing success, and the excellent forecasts for the future that have made decide for a further expansion of 4,000 sqm between production plants, warehouses and offices, which will follow the realization, recently completed, of the most powerful Solar Cooling Plant in Europe to improve the company's energy efficiency with total respect for the environment.
The buffet lunch and dinner, much appreciated by the guests, were masterfully organized by Easy Catering.
In the afternoon there were the awards ceremony of the oldest customer, the historic bank, the founders and the Fasolato family, employees with over 25 years of corporate loyalty. All NECE employees wanted to pay homage to the management with a memorial plaque made by them.
The evening was enlivened by the Venetian company of artists Moreno Utopia, which was able to literally warm up the spirits.
NECE 50 | Opening
NECE 50 | Inaugurazione - Opening
NECE 50 | Guided Plant Tours
NECE 50 | Visita guidata agli Impianti - Guided Plant Tour
NECE 50 | Lunch
NECE 50 | Pranzo - Lunch

NECE 50 | Awards
NECE 50 | Premiazioni - Awards
NECE 50 | Dinner Show
NECE 50 | Cena Spettacolo - Dinner Show

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